Welcome to the Spa Vapes Vaping Education page. Below you will find the basic information you need about how vaping works.

What is vaping?

Vaping is the inhalation of nicotine solution and is research shows it to be 95% safer than cigarettes. This is mostly due to the reduction of chemicals consumed. Tobacco contains 4000+ chemicals. The combustion of this cocktail produces carcinogens and toxic smoke. But e-liquids usually contain Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), pharmaceutical grade nicotine and food grade flavourings. Vaping a higher success rate than any other method of quitting smoking. It is currently enjoyed by over 3 million people in the UK.

How It Works.

Nearly all vaporisers work in the same way…

Nicotine solution is turned to vapour using a heating element, powered by a battery. The user inhales the vapour, and exhales it as a safe vapour which dissipates much quicker than smoke.
There are some outliers to this such as ultrasonic devices, but you will find more about these in our blog.

Benefits Of Vaping.

No tobacco means a lot less chemicals and no carcinogens.
There is no second hand smoke, and the research so far has shown no negative second-hand effects.
Vaping causes no lingering smell on your breath, clothes in your home. Vaping is much cheaper than smoking.

E-Liquid Nicotine Strengths (Mg).

We created the chart below to show you how to read nicotine strengths from a bottle of e-liquid in the UK.
Strengths are typically shown in milligrams (Mg), which is short for milligram per millilitre (Mg/Ml). Nicotine strengths are sometimes shown as a percentage (%) of the total liquid volume.
We have also added how each strength measurement equates to each other as strength level.

Mg/Ml           %/Total           Level

0 Mg                 0.0 %      Nicotine Free
3 Mg                 0.3 %             Low
6 Mg                 0.6 %         Med/Low
12 Mg               1.2 %         Med/High
18 Mg               1.8 %             High
Thanks to TPD and TRPR, e-liquids within the UK and EU are now limited to a total strength of 20mg. Outside of these areas it is possible to find liquids with a greater nicotine content. These liquids are still safe to vape and are compatible with most MTL devices.

What’s In E-liquid?

E-liquid has four main ingredients, vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), food grade flavourings and pharmaceutical grade nicotine.  VG creates the vapour, where as PG gives ‘throat hit’ and carries the nicotine. Food grade flavourings, usually suspended in PG, and pharmaceutical grade nicotine. 

E-Liquid Quality.

We will only stock e-liquids manufactured in sterile laboratory environments and mixed to the highest possible approved quality standards.
All the bottles have child resistant caps and carry the appropriate warning labels.

E-Liquid Warnings.

Keep e-liquid locked away out of reach of children and pets. Nicotine is a poison, if swallowed seek medical attention and show the label to a medical professional. Nicotine containing e-liquid may be irritant to skin wash off immediately. E-liquid is Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18

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