The use of Resistance Wire and rebuildables are for advanced users with access to multimeters and high discharge Batterys.

A Knowledge of how electrical devices work is essential before using any equipment of this type

Ensure Care is taken to not damage your equipment or yourself!

When purchasing any rebuildables/mods/Batteries you will be agreeing that Spa Vapes will not be held responsible for any personal injuries and/or Property Damage caused by misusing rebuildable products or products with resistance wires.
Wicks and Coils MUST be tested with the correct equipment before using on a device as this could cause damage to a device or the user!

Battery Safety

Having advanced knowledge and utilising the necessary precautions is VITAL in the correct use of Li-ion batteries. If you do not have the correct knowledge please do not use them!

Li-ion batteries can be sensitive to damage and/or misuse and may explode if used incorrectly.

Never Discharge A battery below 3.5V.

Always Charge On a Fire proof Surface.

Never leave batteries unattended.

Always store batteries in an approved container when not in use.

Never place batteries loose in a pocket/bag, as any metal object such as keys, coins etc. can cause short circuits leading to overheating and in extreme cases explosions.

If a Battery fails to charge correctly or appears damaged in any way STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY.

Always dispose of old batteries at an approved recycle location.

Only use a genuine battery charger to recharge batteries.

Spa vapes will not be held Responsible for damage to persons or property caused by misuse or mishandling of batteries or chargers.

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