Molicel P26A 18650



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Size: 18650

Positive Terminal: Flat Top

Capacity: 2600mAh

Max. Discharge Rate: 25A (Rated by Mooch)

Model: P26A


Lithium-ion batteries are volatile.  They may burn or explode with improper use.  Do not use or charge with non-approved devices.  Overuse of vaping apparatus may cause this product to overheat, malfunction, and/or may cause burns. Lithium ion (Li-Ion) Cells can be dangerous if used improperly. The buyer assumes all associated risks.

Do not leave this product unattended while charging anytime or overnight, and do not charge it in your vehicle.

Keep away from high heat, direct sunlight, cold temperatures, humidity and water.  Injury or death can occur.

Do not replace batteries with non-approved units.

Do not mix new and used batteries or different brands.

When charging keep away from flammable areas such as but not limited to wood floors and carpets.  Always use a fire resistant container or bag.

Always check wraps for signs of wear and tear to prevent the risk of short circuit causing the battery to vent or explode. If battery or device looks damaged, do not use.

Do not expose the battery to direct sunlight.

Never drop, damage, or tamper with the batteries.  If you do, do not use.

Do not throw batteries into fire.

Do not connect improperly.

Do not carry or store batteries together with any metallic items, in your pockets, purse, or anywhere else where they may become exposed to metals. Always use a protective case when storing batteries.

Unplug any charging apparatus in between uses.

Please recycle or dispose according to local law.

Failure to follow warnings may result in electric shock, fire, burns, property damage, or bodily injury

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