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The eGo AIO ECO is Joyetech’s newest addition to the eGo range, and boasts some impressive stats.
This device is not for those who want to blow clouds or vape high VG. It’s design allows it to deliver great flavour, with consistency and efficiency.
An optimised electronics and reduced battery consumption aid the battery technology. Despite its diminutive size of 113mm x 14mm. The charged 650 mAh battery should last through two whole 1.2ml tanks of e-liquid for most vapers.
The devices 0.5Ohm BFHN atomizer head is not only low resistance, but also requires low voltage. It requires around half the voltage of more conventional e-cigarettes. This aids the devices efficient battery use.
Although designed for high nicotine, the eGo AIO ECO is also great with low strength e-liquid. There are two top caps available. One with a smaller airflow for higher strength e-liquid. One with larger airflow for lower strength e-liquid. Supplied is the larger airflow with the smaller sold separately.
A pen-style design, with subtle colour schemes and a changeable LED lit tank. The eGo AIO ECO is small in the hand yet still delivers great flavour and vapour.
Its long battery life, reduced e-liquid consumption and stylish design, makes it suitable for a wide range of vapers. And at only £20, this little compact is perfect as an emergency vape.
Find out more about the eGo AIO ECO and Joyetech, by following this link.
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