Gins Addiction

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Gins Addiction is decadence incarnate and has been appointed e-liquid royalty.

Bold and charismatic, she has a penchant for exquisite mixes and subtle tastes.

Her vivacious and outgoing personality is reflected in the elements of this vibrantly addictive vape. A blend of white gin, natural blackcurrant, absinthe, lemon, a mint fusion and light menthol combine to create a seriously intoxicating concoction.

A fantastic vape with enduring complexity that will keep you fixated from dusk till dawn.

1 review for Gins Addiction

  1. foggy

    Out of stock noooooooooo… This gear is the dogs doo da’s, mein host at spa vapes let me try some of his for future reference and its sublime. I’m not a menthol lover at all, but the note is very subtle in the mix and the fruit is bursting with flavour. Can’t wait until they get it back in stock. Come on halcyon haze get your arse in gear and get it to your small buisness suppliers. You have been told. Foggy.

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