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Eleaf ROTOR Tank Overview

The Eleaf ROTOR tank keeps classic styling from the majority of sub-ohm e-cig tanks, but it’s the innovation inside that makes this vape tank standout.

The sturdy metal and glass body has a 2ml e-liquid capacity. The adjustable airflow is at the bottom of the tank and when fully open it allows a huge amount of air in, meaning huge clouds of vapour. The locking top fill needs pulling up before you slide back, say goodbye to accidental tank openings in a pocket or bag. It also has a sealed silicone bung to stop air being introduced, this prevents leaks and spilling of your e-liquid.

Where the Eleaf ROTOR tank really shines is in its coil technology. It uses the HW range of e-cig coils, there are already a lot to choose from. They are all sub-ohm and designed to provide fantastic flavour and vapour. But coming supplied with the Eleaf ROTOR tank is the HW-T2 0.2ohm atomizer heads.

The HW-T2 atomizers have a mesh coil and organic cotton, with a massive difference. They have a small ‘turbine’ installed in them. This is there for several reasons, it creates a ‘swirl’ in your airflow to distribute it evenly, this means even better flavour. It also helps to prevent any spitting, as any e-liquid drops are driven back into your cotton.

Which Vapers Should Buy The Eleaf ROTOR Tank?

This is for advanced vapers and vape hobbyists. It is a sub-ohm vape tank built for directly inhaling and has the latest atomizer technology. You will need a vape mod or e-cig that can output high powers due to the 0.2ohm coil the ROTOR tank is supplied with. Any vaper who wants fantastic flavour from their high VG e-liquid and wants to directly inhale and produce huge clouds of vapour will love the Eleaf ROTOR tank.

Eleaf Rotor Tank Highlights

‘Turbine’ vape coil for better e-liquid flavour

Sub-ohm tank for huge clouds of vapour

Locking top fill e-cig tank

Locking Top Fill

Top fill e-liquid tanks are not new, but the locking top fill is an extra step that the Eleaf ROTOR tank does extremely well. You don’t just slide the top of the e-cig tank back, you have to push up before you slide back. This means that it can never be accidentally opened. So, you can feel safe with the vape tank in your bag or pocket. There is also a silicone stopper in the e-liquid filling port, this stops air being introduced into the tank, this should prevent e-liquid escaping from the airflow and any potential juice spills.

HW-T2 0.2ohm Coils

The Eleaf ROTOR tank uses HW coils. There are already a large variety to choose from, so if you already have a favourite HW coil you can use this in your ROTOR vape tank. But it comes supplied with the HW-T2 coil, which takes innovative and unique atomizer technology for a completely different vaping experience. The ‘turbine’ inside the coil evenly distributes the vapour in the airflow for even better flavour from your e-liquid. It also forces any condensation and e-liquid drops back into the cotton and mesh, preventing any spitting.


Tank capacity – 2ml

Atomizer resistance – HW-T2 0.2ohm mesh

Dimensions – 56mm x 26mm

Kit Contents

1 x Eleaf Rotor tank

2 x HW-T2 atomizer heads (1 fitted)

1 x User manual

Spare parts

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