Buying the right tank/tanks is crucial for you to successfully stay smoke-free. People will tell you that the atomiser is the most crucial component. And for the most part, this is true. However, as a lot of coils are tank specific, and as coil availability may vary depending upon your region. Selecting the correct tank becomes paramount to getting the correct coil for you. So whether you are looking for an efficient Mouth-to-Lung vape. Or if you want to fill the sky with mahoosive, tasty clouds. We are bound to have the right tank for you. You may find that some tanks appear in both MTL and DL categories. This is due to the selection of coils available for that tank. Some ranges such as the Joyetech’s Exceed range, come with the option of a 1.2ohm mtl coil, or a 0.5ohm dl coil. This makes some tanks more versatile. However, most ‘crossover’ tanks are usually biased more towards either mtl or dl.