Hip Flask 4oz



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Out in the streets it can be mighty thirsty work.

Carry this stylish Stainless Steel 4oz hip flask so you can sip away those cold nights in true moonshiner style.

Wrapped in our custom Wick Liquor faux leather skin, this screw-top flask will make you feel like you just cooked up 200lbs of sour mash and are running from the law.

Available in optic white or panther black, these hip flasks are an ideal desk ornament or compliment to any late night contraband run.
Stay strapped in any conditions.

Due to the manufacturing process of this product, we advise you wash them out thoroughly prior to use. Use warm soapy water and a cleansing tablet used for cleaning false teeth. No we are not joking, these sterilising tablets are really good and safe to use.

H 65mm W 95mm


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