After over 40 years as a smoker and three failed attempts at giving up the stinkies vaping has been a tremendous assistant and replacement for the cigarettes . Following my wife suffering a heart attack and following bypass operation my much loved sister sent me my first e cig the good old pen type . This was soon to be replaced by the most popular starter pack of I stick and nautilus and my search for great juice to vape began.Having tried hundreds of juices by various manufactures and spending large sums of money I came to the conclusion that making my own may be the best way forward for my needs.

My juice making began . After many many attempts and hours upon hours of research I developed a method of manufacture that worked for me.Not being able to hide my excitment I found myself telling everyone of my success and how I had created flavours that I loved . Then to my surprise my friends and co workers asked to try my flavours and then asked me to make some for them and that’s how it all started .


Crystal Cloudz

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